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Forget 50 shades of grey.  Here at Rackline you can be anything but grey if you chose to be.  You see, we are always looking at new and improved ways to help you with the right storage solutions.  Which is why we have developed our 50 shades of Rackline storage, to help liven up your storage solutions.

Gone are the days of gun metal grey filing cabinets, slate grey units or battleship grey carousel units, we have 50 shades that will have your working environment alive and bright.

Add a bit of colour

From rose to deep orange and claret to capri blue, we have 50 different colours to really add some creativity to your work place.  So whether you want to stick with the colours of your brand or just want a nice rich red to add to the sophisticated tone of your office, we can make it a reality.

Your working environment doesn’t need to be bland, dull and grey.  Granted, there are many different variations of grey but you don’t need to be concerned with that.  You need to contact us, order your storage solutions and pick the colour that fits your work environment best.

Something as simple as a splash of colour in your workplace can really change the atmosphere and brighten it up.

Customise today

So, what are you waiting for? Get customising your workplace today. You can have a pink filing cabinet or a bright orange mobile shelving unity.  The choice is yours.  Simply call us today on 01782 770144 and let us discuss our 50 shades of Rackline with you.

Don’t follow the crowd, step away from the grey and join our colour revolution!