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Here is a case study on vertical file storage system and how it saves space.

John Smith, the owner of a real estate investment firm, identified that there was a need for improvement in his office. He felt that his building should really stand out. The structure had a modern look, and he also wanted the interior to feel and look modern. An interior designer was called to give a new and trendy look to the office. He had a close look at the working area, common area and the general floor plan. The filing system was another key aspect to make sure that the plan worked well.

The interior designer had learned about vertical file storage systems while attending a trade show. He purchased a vertical file that reduced the amount of space needed for filing. With this new system, one could file the same number of blueprints and maps in less than half the space.

The compact filing system not only stores more documents, but it also improves the filing efficiency. Saving space was a major consideration for selecting such a system. A single vertical storage unit has the capacity to hold the same number of documents as three 5-drawer flat files, and also it takes 75 per cent less floor space.