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As a University you may not realise this but your storage solutions are essential.  Providing your students with access to all the materials that they need throughout their education is key.  Whether in your libraries or classrooms you need adequate storage solutions for your items.

Your students are utilising your libraries on a daily basis and need to be able to access the materials that they need quickly.  As a University you have taken the time to purchase and source all the relevant items that they need.  So, do the right thing by storing them in the correct manner.

Take Glasgow University for example.  They came to us, here at Rackline storage, to ensure that their archive was housed correctly and efficiently.

They have almost two million volumes on over 40 miles of shelves, yep, 40 miles.  This is spread out over 12 floors.  Sounding familiar? Have you got thousands of books spread across miles and miles of shelves? Here at Rackline we know that archiving in a library is a never-ending job.

That is why we work to create storage solutions that will help to make your job easier.  Glasgow University needed to move older monograph and research materials to a temperature controlled area and asked us to help.

Our solution was the Multitrak Mobile System.  As well as the mobile shelving system we also incorporated Proform shelves.  With over 2,240 bays of shelving, which amounted to 21,000 linear metres we gave a storage solution that couldn’t be beaten.

Included in this was:

When our work was done we caught up with Margot O’Donnell, the library store manager, who said, “We hold an immense amount of historical material that must be easily accessible for research purposes, but also kept in temperature controlled conditions due to its age and fragility,  Rackline’s previous experience in cases like this has been invaluable. they were able to accommodate all our needs and save us space.”

So, whether you have extremely specific requirements like Glasgow University Library, or you simply need a storage overhaul, why not contact us?