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A mere technicality

Here at Rackline storage we love to get technical. Bombarding you with technical information is not something we want to do but we do want to share some of our amazing products with you.

Our Pirouette storage cabinet is something that can really help you. Did you know that the retrieval times are 50% faster with our Pirouette cabinet? It takes literally two seconds to open. No messing, no stuck doors, just open, retrieve and close.


For those of you that want to know the facts and figures behind this great storage unit, here you go:

22, four drawer cabinets

Each holds 44m of filing in 12.4 sq.m of floor space

8 tier Pirouette storage cabinet holds 48m of filing in less than 4 sq.m of floor space

Out performs conventional filing cabinets as it saves floor and storage space at at ratio of 12:1

Security features

Not only is it space efficient and holds more than your average filing cabinet, it is also extremely safe and secure.

A rigid steel case with fitted rear closure panel

A hinge guard with seal to prevent covert access

Detachable hand operated lock with latching plate

Security combination lock that can be set to personal use

Overall it is a highly efficient piece of storage. It is safe, secure and easy to use and you shouldn’t be without it. It is also an extremely flexible storage solution as it can be assembled quickly and also removed and re-positioned with ease.

If you want to find our more about how The Pirouette can help your business why not contact us today? We can guide you the right storage solutions for you.