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Nearly half of the space in a typical warehouse is wasted in the form of gangways. If these gangways could be used for storage, extra space can be created.

A basic definition of the Mobile Pallet rack is ‘a multi-level structured unit, which holds the stacks of heavy pallets meant for storing goods in any industry’. In other words, they are pallet racks that have been modified to mobile pallet racks for better space optimisation.

Mobile pallet frame uses a system known as mobile base frame. The height of the base frame is usually 245mm. There are a number of motors, which are spread across the frames to ensure even distribution of the drive.

For tracking the movement of the mobile base frame, there is a technology that has a sensor for controlling and guiding the mobile pallet racks system. This technology is a perfect solution to common warehouse problems like twisting, jamming and de-railing of the wheels. If the sensor in the mobile pallet frame cannot control or follow an ideal path due to an obstacle or blockage, the drive is automatically stopped, in order to avoid the damage.