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Whether it is for a regular office or a home office, there is one thing which helps in the daily functioning of the office environment and that is a filing cabinet. Even in offices that mainly use computers, having a filing cabinet can help keep important papers in a safe place whilst increasing storage space at the same time.

Choosing a suitable filing cabinet

Lateral filing cabinets
These are an extremely popular type of filing cabinet that can be found in different offices today. Lateral filing cabinets are perfect for rooms that have a lot of wall space. Legal and letter sized file folders can both be accommodated in lateral filing cabinets. Folders can be arranged either front-to-back or side to side. Lateral filing cabinets are available in different sizes and there are many options concerning the number of drawers you want and the depth of the filing cabinet.

Vertical filing cabinets
For offices with limited wall space, vertical filing cabinets are the best option. The difference between vertical filing cabinets and lateral filing cabinets is that vertical units can only accommodate one particular type of folder. Like lateral filing cabinets, vertical filing cabinets also come in different sizes and you can choose the number of drawers that you want.

You can also choose from different locking mechanisms for your filing cabinet to ensure that its contents are protected at all times.