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Space should be used efficiently at your office. Even if you are running your office in a smaller space, you can make it appear spacious by judicious usage of the available space in the best possible way. Here are a few ways of achieving this goal:

Your existing area for storage can be adapted to meet your new storage requirements with the help of mobile shelving units.

Side track mobile storage unit is quite efficient in storing the data files. Modular mobile is quite economical and simple and maximises the storage area. You can store many things just by putting or carrying the materials on the wheels. The rolling door units have a door that can be closed. It helps in securing the files in any unit.

The express track units also allow an expanded storage capacity so that you can accommodate more reference material, files and even electronic media accessory. Powertrak units are very powerful and are mainly used for heavy storage purpose. Powertraks have a very high density that allows them to hold heavy items easily.