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Most offices face storage problems storage problems these days, and this is mainly due to lack of available space coupled with unnecessary clutter. A good solution for storage space problems is to get rotary filing cabinets for your office. These offer more space than lateral filing cabinets, whilst only taking up one-fourth of the space of standard cabinets.

How are rotary cabinets better than other cabinets?

Rotary file cabinets offer easy filing, as you can access the entire filing system from both sides. Generally, these cabinets include roll-out hanging files, roll-out reference shelves and also roll-out media drawers. These cabinets are specifically designed in such a way that they can store wide range of items.

• books
• binders
• documents
• EDP printouts
• discs
• microfilm
• hanging folders
• side-tab documents

Increase storage space

Rotary file cabinets are commonly placed next to walls, which helps to increase the storage capacity of the cabinets. With the help of these cabinets, you can increase the storage space of your office by up to 200%.

In most cases, the outer part and inner shelves of these cabinets are made from steel. This makes them stronger than other lateral cabinets. With the help of foot pedals, you can easily access the inner shelves, which can also be rotated. In addition to this, you can also store expensive items in these units as they offer locking systems. While buying rotary cabinets, you will find that they are available in various colours such as violet, grey, white and black.