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Mobile storage systems are free standing high density filing and storage systems that need no drilling and fixing to the existing floors. The best part of such mobile shelving systems is that you can move them from one place to another without damaging and disturbing the floor and carpet covering.

Mobile shelving systems take very little time to install and cause minimum disruption on site. Mobile shelving systems are fully demountable. Mobile shelving systems are based on a range of standard modules. These can be used to increase the storage capacity. Mobile shelving systems can be carried in majority of goods and passengers lifts and even in the most badly maintained sites.

The integral flooring of the mobile shelving system offers a safe, secure and rigid platform. The floor panel of the mobile shelving systems is textured so that it can provide an anti slip surface.

Mobile shelving systems have adjustable heights. You can adjust the height easily with the help of screws. Mobile shelving systems have an integral anti-tilt mechanism that is fitted to the mobile base. If the shelves are not uniformly loaded, the anti tilt system ensures that the system remains stable.

The handle of the mobile shelving systems are designed in such a way that accessing the system become easier. The ergonomic handle of the mobile shelving system has in-built locking mechanism. All these features make the mobile shelving system an ideal choice for most offices.