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Mobile storage has taken storage to another level. While static storage (static shelves, static cabinets) fulfil the purpose of storage, it is mobile storage that ensures cost and space efficiency.

Mobile storage systems have become so popular that they have found a place for themselves in hospitals, libraries, retail stores, archives and offices. Mobile systems provide free space on the floor thereby doubling the storage capacity for the same area. This system is absolutely cost effective when it comes to utilising floor space. Both commercial and industrial sectors derive maximum benefits from mobile storage systems. Almost every form of storage can be mobilised making it convenient and efficient.

Mobility of storage systems allows you to shift and create space for new stock. In larger organisations where records, files and data need to be stored and maintained, if storage is static, it is very inefficient, as the cost to construct new storage and the time utilised in making it will be tremendous. In such cases, mobile storage can simply be moved from the existing place to create space for new storage.

Archive storage is also beneficial if it is supported by a mobile system, making it faster and more convenient. Mobile storage needs to be well constructed and strong as they are constantly in motion. Therefore in order to ensure that the storage is long lasting and durable the materials used should be tried and tested.