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Rotary file cabinets revolve from one side or two sides for quick access. The double depth architecture of rotary file cabinets provides for much larger and effective filing capability as compared to any other single depth unit, lateral unit or vertical storage units.

The rotary file cabinets with the help of different accessories can accumulate any type of multimedia collections like binders, CD ROMs, tapes, hanging files, end-tab files and much more. Rotary file cabinets give double file accumulation capability as compared to lateral or vertical file cabinets.

Rotary file cabinets can be used for legal, EDP, letter and A4 sizes. A dominant foot pedal spins the rotary file cabinet so that you can go through another set of files. All this tales just a few seconds, saving a lot of your precious time that is otherwise spent in looking for files. This feature of the rotary file cabinet makes it essential for businesses purposes.

Rotary file cabinets are designed to enable easy upgrading. Starting with a starter unit, you can choose add-ons to that unit as you require.