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Archive shelving systems are effective storage solutions, as they allow you to store a huge number of documents in a small area. If compared to other standard storage systems, archive storage systems have the capacity to store so much more.

Archive shelving is mostly used in offices, museums, libraries and even schools, as these places have a lot of paperwork to store.

If you have an abundance of paperwork and you are worrying about where to store it, then you need to opt for archive shelving, as it will make your office neat and uncluttered.

Find out more about archive shelving systems:
These shelving systems have multiple shelves and the racks are specifically designed in such a way that the boxes fit into them perfectly. Generally, one shelf or rack of the system can store five boxes and then two boxes can be stacked on top of them. These shelves vary on the basis on depth, so you can also buy a shelving system which can hold 20 boxes on each rack or shelf. Moreover, these shelves can also be adjusted according to your needs.

The outer layer of the boxes are coloured along with the metal frame and generally the colours blue, grey and orange are used. These colours help you in identifying the boxes where you have stored your important paperwork. These boxes are made from cardboard and on an average you can store more than 1000 sheets of paper in a box. You will find an area in the front of the box where you can write the content and the date. Archive shelving is one of the most effective ways to store any kind of paperwork.