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An archive shelving system has long and wide spans that are adjustable and flexible. Archive shelving is an ideal solution to high density archive shelving. There are a variety of archive shelving systems for different storage needs, from commercial places to work environment places. The archive shelving system application comes with complete archive shelving boxes. Some important factors that you should be bearing in mind while purchasing an archive shelving system is

•    Archive shelving system should have fully adjustable archive shelving
•    Should have complete chipboard deck
•    Single and double depth bay

The archive shelving system is a perfect storage solution for retail storage, day to day office storage, health care places and large archiving projects. Archive shelving systems have slim profile shelves, and the frame of the archive shelving system gives a neat and co-ordinated appearance.

The design of an archive shelving system comes in various different ranges and colours along with comprehensive choices of accessories.  An archive shelving system minimises space wastage. It optimises the use of the storage area.  Archive shelving systems are coated so that they have an anti-bacterial finish; this coating also helps to prevent germs from spreading.

An archive shelving system provides the maximum shelf width usage. There are different types of archives shelving systems that meet your requirements.  Individuals can raise and lower the archive shelving system whenever they want; this makes an archive shelving system more versatile when compared to other storage systems. An archive shelving system gives the minimum disruption when they are installed. There are large ranges of accessories to tailor the system you need.