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All businesses at some point of time require more space for storing old documents. It is important to archive hard copies of data even if the data is transferred to an online system because if the system goes down then old copies will be helpful.

Many companies store archived documents in a store room. However, it is more beneficial to archive old papers in a storage system (archive storage) because of the following reasons:

• Archive storage will hold your documents in a safe and secure environment. You can also install CCTV cameras or hire security personnel for better protection.
• Archive storage helps to save money. Generally, businesses do not realise that they are actually paying more by renting storage space. Hence it is recommended to store documents in archive storage to save that extra expense.
• Archive storage provides an easy and quick way to access your documents. Now, you can quickly locate your document within archive storage using bar code technology. Hence you do not have to put in extra effort to find a certain file.
• Archive storage systems are perfect for long term storage of paperwork. It is usually noticed that documents lose clarity and quality over a period of time, whereas documents stored in archive storage are kept safe and secure.