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This week signifies the start of the back to school rush, as children around the UK start a new academic year.  With a six-week holiday behind them, teachers and school staff are also getting back into the routine.  Whilst we are sure there is lots to do at this time of year it is also a great opportunity for a new start and to review equipment, processes and techniques to ensure everything can run as effectively as possible for the coming year.

Somewhere to store all that paperwork

Despite the advances of modern technology, one things schools, colleges and universities can’t escape from is the amount of paperwork produced. From reports to coursework, worksheets to past exam papers, there is always something to be filed away.  That’s where our education storage systems come in, providing lockers for students and static or mobile shelving systems for teachers, lecturers and admin staff.

 lockers for students

Organise your Library Spaces

Whether you have welcomed a delivery of shiny new books at the start of the term or are just looking forward to opening the library doors to students once again, having an organised, flexible way to store books can massively enhance the appeal of your library.  At Rackline, our library shelving and storage systems are developed to your requirements so you can create the perfect learning environment.

organise your library spaces

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Maintain a tidy working environment

And what about somewhere to store all those bits and pieces that are accumulated in classrooms, science labs and art rooms? Our tray storage shelving systems are perfect in any education environment and we can design and manufacture storage bays to accommodate any size of tray.

tray storage shelving systems

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