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Space is an absolute essential for storage systems of all types. Therefore, space should be the topmost priority when designing storage systems for a room. If the room is small and compact in size, then the storage system needs to be mobile and portable so that it can easily manoeuvre. Big and oversized storage systems make the small room appear even more packed and cluttered.

Therefore, there has to be a fine balance between the space available and the storage system. Not every office is big and luxurious; however every office needs to be equipped with an efficient storage system, so that it is well organised. The storage systems, especially in small offices, need to be mobile, durable and flexible. This is because in offices, records of files and documents need to be stored for future.

The storage system in a home also needs to be efficient. The lack of space can be quite problematic; however, if the planning and designing of the storage system is optimal, then the space issue is relatively easy to tackle. With several types of storage systems around, one should not have any problem in choosing the best and most suitable one.

Make sure that the quality of the storage system is worth its price. It is also advisable that before finalising or purchasing the storage system, thorough research is ideal, so that there is no scope for missing a good bargain.