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As the need of file cabinets has increased so has the need to keep the things in it in a secure way, for this there is a new innovation – there are cabinets available which are fire resistant.

A person will always prefer to keep his important documents in a secure place and so these fire resistant cabinets not only protect documents from fire but also from flood or hurricanes.

The few things that one needs to keep in mind when buying a fire resistant cabinet is the appearance, design and protection. It is important to know what you have to store in these drawers. There are different temperatures at which paper starts burn and so does electronic media like CDs, etc.

Even though one believes that the important documents are safe in these fire resistant cabinets it is important to understand that even these cabinets are not completely protected from fire if the fire is not put out within a suitable period of time.

Nowadays the two kinds of fire resistant file cabinets available in the market are vertical and lateral file cabinets.  The various features of these cabinets are that they use space to the fullest as these file cabinets are spacious and yet take less floor space.