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Mobile pallet racks are commonly known as multi level units that are available in a structured form. Mobile pallet racks are very popular and are commonly used as storage systems in different industries. These days, office and warehouse space is getting quite expensive and therefore it becomes very important to use your office or warehouse space in the most efficient way.

Mobile pallet racking saves a lot of space by minimizing the number of aisles to be used. Mobile pallet racking is ideal for use in offices as well as warehouses. With this system you can access the pallets directly. Cold stores and other freezers also take the help of mobile pallet racking to make use of the space available in the most effective way.

The height of a base frame is up to a maximum of 245mm and all the racks have to be mounted on top of the base frame. Mobile pallet racking is capable of taking huge loads quite comfortably. If you have to store a lot of things but are short of office or warehouse space then mobile pallet racking is the right solution for you

Mobile pallet racks can be shifted from one place to other very easily and quickly, making them ideal for warehouses, showrooms and offices.