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Space is scarce and expensive these days, especially commercial office space, hence it becomes important to have space saving office storage systems that provide maximum storage capacity and flexibility. There are various types of storage systems available in the market. Rotary file cabinets are one of the most popular office storage systems.

Rotary cabinet file systems are mostly used in retail stores and in the industrial sector. The rotary cabinet file systems are easy to handle. They are portable enough as the files or stationery can be easily stored in the rotary file cabinet system. It makes searching all the files in an office easy and less time consuming. It saves time and is affordable enough to be used even in small offices. Their maintenance is also easy as they can be rotated and cleaned.

The rotary file cabinets occupy 50% less space than the drawer file system. Rotary file cabinets make it is easy to manage the files compared to the drawer file cabinet system.