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Bespoke education storage solutions

Smaller classrooms at schools, colleges and universities can make it difficult to keep learning materials organised and tidy. Features such as the shape and design of a room can affect how children behave in class, so it’s important to make sure items are stored correctly to maximise floor space. Rackline’s bespoke storage systems can help to ensure your classroom is clean and offers a spacious and stimulating learning environment.

In every school, educational resources such as books, practice test papers, artwork and class notes should be stored correctly so that they can be found and accessed easily. Private and confidential documents, such as class registers and medical records should be stored safely and securely to be kept out of reach of anyone who doesn’t work at your institution.

Rackline specialises in offering high-quality education storage solutions, including shelving, tailored filing, archiving installations and school shelving applications. All of these are perfect for use in libraries, classrooms, and other communal spaces.

Custom-made school shelving

Learning resources can take various shapes and sizes, especially in early years settings where materials need to be eye-catching and entertaining. Whether that’s building bricks, counting bears, or those all-important GCSE revision books, keeping everything safe and secure is just as important as ensuring easy access. You can achieve this with Rackline’s custom-made education storage solutions.

Our experts have been providing school storage solutions for many years, tailoring them to each school’s unique requirements. We’re here to help you maximise your classroom space and get the most from your school shelving. In addition, our long-lasting education storage solutions have supported many schools across the UK with protecting books, paperwork, confidential documents, toys, laptops and much, much more!

School storage solutions

If keeping organised is a struggle, finding tailored storage solutions that can be labelled can help keep everything in order. A clutter-free classroom can inspire teachers to become more effective and efficient, especially when storing and preparing learning materials such as books and test papers. Rackline offers fully customisable education storage solutions, from gratnell tray storage and mobile shelving to lockers and archive shelving.

Types of school storage

Our expert storage designers will work with you to maximise your teaching space and help you get the most from your school shelving!

Here are just a few of the education storage solutions we offer:

Gratnell tray storage

This versatile school shelving can be fitted with tray support brackets to maximise storage capacity. We can accommodate any size of tray, meaning you can store anything from printed revision materials to bulky PE equipment and still have plenty of room left to use.

Mobile shelving

Optimising your floor space is easy with our electronic mobile shelving! It’s convenient, movable, and perfect for storing heavy objects. As well as being a stylish and secure school storage system, you can programme features such as lighting and even grant and restrict access when needed.

Static shelving

As far as school storage goes, our static shelving offers you a fully customisable product that will easily boost your storage options. Made from solid steel, this type of school shelving is free from sharp edges so you can safely store items without the risk of damaging anything.

Archive shelving

Our archive shelving is ideal for heavy or bulky items, such as musical instruments and gym equipment. This style of school shelving is designed to allow staff and students easy access to everything they need, whilst maximising floor space.


Lockers are common in many schools as they offer staff and students a safe and secure storage solution for their personal belongings and valuables whilst they attend a class or lecture. Steel-welded and riveted, our powder-coated lockers are manufactured in a range of colours, and you can even match them to your school branding!

Are you ready to take your education storage solutions to the next level? Maximise your space by getting in touch with our team on 01782 770 144 or email