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Between the 26th and 30th of June, we celebrate National School Sport Week, a special event that takes place every year to help encourage pupils to be more active and celebrate PE. All schools are invited to register to take part and organise different sporting activities, from traditional sports like football, rugby, hockey and netball, or even more alternative activities such as dance, parkour, or even treasure hunts – the real aim is to get pupils moving and enjoying physical education.

Events such as National School Sports Week are very important in encouraging schools to invest more in sport and physical education, including sporting equipment. Rackline are specialists in sports equipment storage, school storage, university storage and storage solutions for education as a whole. With National School Sports Week approaching, we are excited to work alongside schools to devise the perfect storage solutions to help their physical education programmes.

Sports equipment storage for schools

With many years of experience in providing school and education storage, Rackline can tailor shelving and storage solutions to suit the specific needs of a school. In many cases, schools have a limited amount of space to keep a wide range of different sports equipment and this is a key consideration when providing a bespoke solution.

sports equipment storage

For many schools, universities and education institutions, funds can also be limited, so we will always work hard to find a low-cost solution for storage.

An extremely popular solution for many schools is the Speedrax all-purpose shelving system. This simple shelving system consists of steel posts and beams, supporting sturdy chipboard shelves. Speedrax is well suited to storing bulky items such as heavy tackle bags and pads for contact sports, as well as bags of balls, helmets and small items such as pitch marking cones.

sports equipment storage for schools

Speedrax sports equipment shelving is free standing and can be accessed from all sides, making this a perfect solution for hand loading. Shelves can easily be adjusted to stay up to date with the changing needs of a school and any new equipment investments. With National School Sports Week a yearly event that encourages pupils to engage in a wide range of activities, the Speedrax shelving solution is there to organise any new equipment.

To discuss your school storage needs, be sure to call us on 01782 770144. Rackline is based near Stoke on Trent, but we work with schools and universities throughout the United Kingdom, so we are very happy to assist you with your school sports storage requirements.