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There are various types of industrial shelving available on the market, including mobile shelving systems, wire shelving, open style metal clip shelving and many more. Additional accessories can also be used in order to organise items. If you plan on getting shelving systems, you need to think about what type you need.

Wire shelving systems are modular and durable. These systems are strong and sturdy and are easy to adjust, so can be used for different items. Dust build-up is kept to a minimum with wire shelving units, hence they are very easy to clean and maintain. Extra shelving units can also added to hold more items.

Mobile shelving systems are designed to utilise limited space. Mobile shelving systems reduce the space utilised compared with traditional shelves, and give quick and easy access to items.

Closed metal clip shelving, open style metal clip shelving and double rivet shelving offers great weight carrying capacity. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, so they are an excellent option to consider for any storage areas. Like wire and mobile shelving, you can also add more shelves.

Circular shelving allows you to make the most of the space that traditional shelving may not provide access to. They are appropriate for hardware stores, parts counters, warehouses, maintenance rooms and production areas.