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A simple procedure to clean your stainless steel cabinets is to be very gentle with the cleaning procedure.  For the first clean, it needs to be seen that the chemicals used are mild. The basic cleaning solutions are a detergent, soap or ammonia solution with warm water. You need to be soft with your stainless steel cabinets so a nylon cloth or a soft cloth is used to clean normal soiling.

The only acid that can be used to clean the steel cabinets is nitric acid as it does not react with the steel. There is a correct proportion in which the acid needs to be diluted with water so that it cleans well, which will be on the instructions.

There are various steps to clean stainless steel cabinets.  For cleaning the exterior there are few steps to be followed:

•    Clean the dust off regularly
•    Do not use harsh chemicals like chlorine beach
•    Using a home remedy of vinegar and water, and even the cleaning sprays available in the market is a good option for cleaning the steel cabinets

Use a soft cloth for cleaning the steel cabinet.  Using baking soda is also good for removing the dirt, which could, if not removed, spoil the cabinet.

To keep your steel cabinets shiny and to protect it from wear and tear, it needs to be cleaned regularly.  There are various solutions available to help you maintain the proper condition of the cabinet.