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The storage space is getting more and more expensive and comes at a premium nowadays, so it is important to make optimum utilisation of the available space. This is where industrial shelving has acquired immense importance.

Industrial shelving is a type of archival storage, which comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and different installation processes. Industrial shelving provides the modern world an innovative way of organising things; especially for warehouses where limited space can become a problem.

There are two broad steel shelving types with respective peculiar features, namely closed steel shelving and open steel shelving. Closed steel shelving is one of the most popular ones because it gives key control and provides sanitation because of its enclosed units. Closed steel shelving has three post styles which can fit in any conditions.

On the other hand, open Steel Shelving provides steadiness because of its end bend and side support. Generally it is perfect for storing big items. One can easily modify it into 1 to 1½ inch increments.