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Mobile shelving is one of the most effective forms of storage, as it provides efficient storage and retrieval of items. Mobile shelving not only maximises existing floor space but it also gives excellent accessibility. With a high density mobile storage system, you can double the filing capacity and create additional floor space.

Mobile shelving eliminates the need for aisles, as the shelves move along floor tracks. There are several ways to open mobile shelves including pull handles, hand driven mechanical systems and electric motors with push-button controls.

Advantages of Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelves are very easy to install and can be used for a variety of purposes including the bulk storage of archive material and office filing. Installation is simple as the shelving can be laid easily onto existing floors, included tiled and carpeted areas. This eliminates the need for construction work and ensures that there is no disruption to your workplace during the installation process.

Mobile shelving utilises more space than static office shelving and is an ideal way to store sensitive or expensive items, as they feature secure locking systems.