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Over the years, we have discovered that, for many of our clients, this period of the year is an extremely busy one. For some private companies and for the public sector too, January to March spells the final quarter of the financial year. With the financial year-end comes a number of unique pressures and constraints. Unlike a personal budget, departmental or company budgets tend not to be so flexible and therefore require careful and responsive handling.

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Although departments in local government, museums, schools and libraries, and with higher education establishments, for example, may have money left in their budgets, they may be required to commit and spend it before the end of March, which is a very short time frame. If there is no flexibility to carry over a budget, then it makes sense to make the most of it within the financial year. Your department will already be aware of their need for new or improved storage solutions, so all that is needed is to decide to make that purchase and to find a trusted company that can work to your timescales and deliver quickly and efficiently.

One further snag that many organisations face at year end is that larger purchases often require a long lead-in time. Because of that, with time constraints, they may not be viable. At Rackline, we understand the pressures and constraints and aim to provide a speedy and versatile service that allows a quick turnaround. This means that if your school or library is able to purchase the storage solution it needs within budget, then we are able to survey, quote and deliver to you within your timescale.

Entering the final financial quarter does not mean it’s too late to order storage solutions for your organisation. If you have storage solution needs and have not spoken to us yet, then there is still time.

In contrast to the end of year pressures, now is also the time that many organisations are getting to know their budgets for the following financial year and is an excellent time to start getting quotations and surveys for work needed in the year ahead. Getting started now allows a good deal of internal planning time and budget planning.

Whatever your pressures, if you would benefit from our innovative and space saving storage solutions right now, or in the future please call us for more information on 01782 770 144.