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HM Prison Berwyn is the newest and one of the largest prisons in Europe with its expected capacity to be 2100 prisoners. The Category C adult male prison in Wrexham County Borough, Wales was constructed by Lend Lease and officially opened in March 2017.

The brief:

HMP Berwyn were looking for a storage system to maximise two areas where large quantities of records and property needed to be stored. Despite the large areas allocated the requirement was to store 3 times the typical volume needed, therefore a high density system was called for. The property store was looking to accommodate 2100 prisoner property boxes and the Records Store was to accommodate 2500 secure records and 2500 non secure records.

The solution:

Following a competitive tender Rackline was awarded the project by Lend Lease and the installation was completed in November 2016. Rackline installed a Mobile system utilising Prospan shelving mounted onto Multitrak mobile bases with an infill floor. The bays were designed specifically at 1450mm wide to accommodate 2 boxes in the width. This provided storage for 2380 prisoner property boxes. In the records area the target was achieved to accommodate 2500 secure records and 2500 none secure records, furthermore this was achieved 75% of the area, allowing a further 25% of the area for future expansion. Rackline used Profile shelving mounted onto Monotrak mobile bases, the secure area had roller shutter doors and a lock to ensure complete security when not in use.

“The advantages of the Rackline storage system are that it maximises the storage potential of the area. Without this type of racking we would not be able to store the volume of Records or property boxes in the areas identified for this purpose.” – Alun Johnson, Head of House