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January can most certainly be a tough month. Christmas is over, the diet begins and the weather goes from bad to worse. But it needn’t be all bad.

In fact, if you follow our helpful tips in our ‘Get ready for the festive season’ blog then you will already be one step ahead of the game. From cleaning up the office to recycling all your Christmas cards and rubbish, your workplace will already be a calmer place.

So, as your office looks to wind down before Christmas here are a few final tips to help you on your way:

Empty the fridge

There is nothing worse than coming back after the Christmas holidays to find old milk and left-over lunches in the fridge. Have a ‘fridge-amnesty’ and ask everyone to take any food home or provide bins to get rid of it.

Clear the chocolate

Customers, family and friends all love to send chocolates and sweets to workplaces at this time of year. But no one wants to see that come January after a few days of over-indulging. Make sure you wipe your workplace clean of any naughty treats so that come January, you can start your detox in full swing. And without temptation!

Clear desks

Make sure your staff clear their desks before Christmas. Encourage everyone to get filing, bin any old paperwork and to ensure their desks are clean for the New Year.


Don’t forget to clear your storage systems out. Any loose files, paperwork or filing cabinets that need attending to, do it now. Come January you will probably be too busy to think about it and before you know it, next Christmas will be here.

Now is also the ideal time to pick up the phone to book your new storage solutions for 2013. So, why not give us a call on 01782 777666?