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You can choose from the following different types of industrial shelving:

Mobile shelving system, wire shelving, double rivet shelving, open style metal clip shelving, closed style metal clip shelving, circular shelving, steel shelving with modular drawer storage and more. To organise the items, additional accessories can be acquired.

Wire shelving systems are easily adjustable to cater to different items. They are strong, sturdy, durable and modular.

Mobile shelving doubles the space but occupies a vast apace because they are designed in that way.

Many different types of shelving provide greater weight capacity:

Double rivet shelving, open style metal clip and closed style metal clip shelving.
These types of shelving are very easy to assemble and disassemble and are great for making workspaces and storage areas. These shelves are also modular and more shelves can be added with your existing ones.

Circular shelving is applicable for maintenance rooms, warehouse parts, production areas, parts counters, hardware stores or home centres. Circular shelving utilizes the space properly.

Dividers, drawers, plastic bins or modular shelves are some of the additional accessories that can be acquired to add on to the existing shelving to provide better organisation of storage items.