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Industrial shelving is available in many types like wire shelving, mobile shelving systems to double rivet shelving, open style shelving, closed style shelving etc. Steel shelving with modular drawer storage, circular shelving and many other types of shelving is available. To organize the items in these shelves one can add more accessories.

Various kinds of industrial shelves can be compared according to their size and design.
Wire shelving systems are strong, sturdy and easy to adjust. As the shelf is made up of wires, there is very little collection of dust. They are very flexible in terms of storage and can be used to store different items. One can easily add more shelving units to store more items.

Mobile shelves are designed to occupy less space. However, the storage they provide is double the space that they occupy. The traditional shelf occupies more space than these mobile shelves.

The other types of industrial shelves that are available are double rivet shelving, open style metal clip shelving and closed metal clip shelving. These shelves are capable of bearing heavy weighted items. They are very easy to assemble and disassemble so they can be used in places were one needs temporary storage space. These shelves are similar to the industrial shelves but they are modular. One can add more shelves to the already placed shelves.

All these types of shelves if placed properly can help in keeping the office, warehouse or factory well organised by using less space.