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It is essential to use storage systems to be well organised and save time at work. However with so many types of storage systems available, you need to identify the real purpose in order to get greater benefits.

Although static storage is commonly used in most organisations, mobile storage systems have also become very popular due to their versatility and portable nature. Mobile storage gives you the facility of space shifting and creating a new space.

Rotary cabinets are very useful for storage as they allow you a 360 degree spin. This way you can view all the objects in the cabinet by just giving it a whirl. It not only saves your time, but also leaks very neat and tidy. This kind of effect that a rotary cabinet creates is called a pirouette.

Storage systems should be space friendly. This can be achieved by stacking. Stacking allows you to move both horizontally and vertically depending upon the available space. Shelving is also a great way to store data like documents and folders as it is easy to access them.

Powered shelving is an excellent choice for industries where high density mobile storage is required. Artefact storage is very useful in museums where any size of artefacts can be shelved easily.

Film storage has to accommodate a lot of film cans, hence the system has to be heavy duty. Pallet racking is another type of storage system which not only helps in storing but also helps in displaying stored items effectively.