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It is essential to use a storage system to be well organised and time efficient. However with so many types of storage system available, you need to identify the real purpose in order to get the full benefit.

While static storage is common and used in almost every organisation, mobile storage systems have become extremely popular due to their portability. Mobile storage systems give you the freedom to move things about creating additional space.

Rotary cabinets are also extremely efficient for storage as they allow you 360 degree access. You can view all the objects in the cabinet by just giving it a whirl. As much as it saves time, it is also appealing to the eye.

A storage system should be space friendly. This can be achieved by stacking. Stacking allows you move both vertically and horizontally as per space constraints. Shelving is also a great way to store data like documents, files and documents as it is easy to reach them.

Powered shelving is an excellent choice for industries where high density mobile storage is required. Artefact storage finds its place in museums where any size of artefact can be shelved.