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It has become very important to maximise available space as property prices and rental costs are going up all the time. The best way to stock, arrange, organise and move things around is by shelving them.

The advantages that shelves provide are great. Apart from organising, they also provide sufficient space to store things, from industrial products to books and personal items as well. There are different types of shelving: plastic, wood, metal or wire.

Plastic shelves are suitable for storing or displaying lightweight materials. They are resistant to solvents, cleaning solutions and battery acids and are made from non conductive materials. They are available with four or five levels and are versatile and durable as they do not rust.

Wooden shelves are the most traditional. Made from good quality wood, they are polished and fixed on frames and are used as library shelving all over the world. They are sturdy, durable and give a classic look.

Metal and wire shelves are extremely popular as these materials are widely available. Places like industrial companies and offices make use of wire shelves as they are durable, elegant and less expensive compared to wooden shelves.

Due to the increasing demand for shelves, the shelving industry is growing on a large scale. There are different units and types like archive shelving, mobile shelving, display shelving and industrial shelving that make modern day living mobile, organised and easy.