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Storage cabinets are a crucial part of the overall storage strategy. A warehouse is a place that requires quality storage cabinets.  You can get storage cabinets in two forms, assembled and unassembled.  For heavy duty applications, you should use storage cabinets made from heavy gauge steel. These heavy storage cabinets can handle almost 1,600 pounds per shelf. Heavy gauge storage cabinets are used for heavy duty industrial storage systems.

Metal storage cabinets

Metal storage cabinets are made of high quality metal sheets and provide large storage capacity. These are best suited for applications in heavy industries that produce heavy and large sized products.

Heavy duty vault cabinets

Heavy duty vault cabinets are suitable for storage of valuable items. These are comparatively cheaper than other storage cabinets.

Jumbo cabinets

Jumbo cabinets are all welded cabinets and offer huge storage capacity and are ideal option for use in warehouses.

Stainless steel storage cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets are mostly used by the providers of food service and are commonly used in pharmaceutical companies.

Mobile storage cabinets
Mobile storage cabinets are extremely versatile and provide excellent storage capacity even in smaller offices. Mobile storage cabinets are ideal for use in offices, retail stores, etc.

You can choose from any of these storage cabinets, according to your requirements. Out of all the different storage cabinets available, mobile storage cabinets offer maximum flexibility in terms of storage and mobility.