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Files are amongst the most important things in any office. Without files, day to day transactions in an office would come to a standstill. It is therefore very important to have a good file storage system in your office to secure all your files. Having a good file storage system will help you to organize your office files efficiently without losing or misplacing them.

There are three different types of office file storage systems available in the market today. You can choose any of the three types of file storage systems depending upon your office needs.

Vertical File cabinet storage systems: If your office is small and space is a constraint then you should have a vertical file cabinet storage system as it takes less space. Vertical file cabinets however can accommodate either letter or legal size file folders, but not both. So you will have to decide on the file folder size before you buy your vertical file cabinet storage system. You can choose from various other options like colour, types of pulls, depth etc.

Lateral file cabinet storage system: These systems have become fairly common these days. They have an edge over the traditional vertical file cabinet storage systems as they are more versatile in their setup and available options. Many of the workstations have two drawer file cabinets made below them. Lateral file cabinet systems have the flexibility in terms of handling both types of common file folder size i.e. letter and legal. The folders can be arranged either front-to-back or from side to side in the drawers. You can also have a custom lateral file cabinet system made for your office.

Fireproof file cabinet systems:  Fireproof file cabinet systems are not as popular as the other two types of file cabinet systems. However, they are very useful as they can serve as a safe for your important documents in the case of fire. The fireproof file cabinet systems are necessary if you have very important documents that need to be protected.