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For storage and other media purposes you should use mobile shelving units. Mobile shelving units utilise the space by compacting several storage cabinets into a much smaller place.

Your existing storage areas can also be adapted using mobile shelving units, maximizing their efficiency by building a carriage that will wrap around your existing shelves.

Some of the mobile units used today are:

Side Track

This type of mobile unit is efficient in storing your data files. The unit helps you to get more files in less space.

Modular Mobile

This type of unit is simple and economical and doubles the amount of storage area for your useful things by putting field materials on wheels.

Rolling Door Units

This type of unit has a door to close off an entire room. It secures the files present in the unit.

Express Track Units

This type of unit has more storage capacity to store more files, supplies, electronic media or reference material.

Power Track

This type of unit is strong, powerful and is used for electrical mobile storage. It has the density to fill heaviest of media.