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Mobile shelving systems are one of the most effective storage systems that are designed to provide efficient storage space. Mobile shelving systems are available in different types and here are some of the mobile shelving systems on the basis of their operating systems.

Mechanically operated mobile shelving – Mechanically operated mobile shelving systems are becoming very common. They are mechanically operated and moved by rotating a hand wheel which is located at the front of the storage system. With the rotation of the wheel, the units are moved along tracks.

Electrically operated mobile shelving –
Electric mobile shelving systems are mainly used to store expensive items and they provide a high density storage facility. It is very easy to operate an electric mobile shelving system; the electrically operated system is operated with the help of a push button controller which is located at the end of the shelves.

Slide side mobile shelving –
These are also known as roll-a-side mobile shelving. Slide side shelving systems are appropriate for small offices and they can be placed in corridors or in an alcove. They provide more storage capacity than any other conventional storage units. This is possible by doubling the number of units against the wall.

Hand operated mobile shelving – These are the simplest storage units and the hand wheel is replaced with a handle which allows for movement of the units.

Thus, you can choose any one of these which matches your requirements and budget.