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Steel mobile shelving is mostly used in offices and warehouses. Apart from their functionality, they add to the overall look. There are two major types of steel mobile shelving. They are:

Closed steel shelving

Closed steel mobile shelving has metal plates at its back and edge, including its primary open part. It is manufactured through an innovative line, which is made up of fabric that starts with plane steel blank and ends with a shelf. The additional accessories can be used are called flanges.

Closed steel mobile shelving is perfect when you require a key control. It is ideal for most of the offices that look to saving space without huge additional costs.

Combo open and closed steel mobile shelving

Combo open and closed steel mobile shelving provides flexibility to all open and closed steel shelving products because here you can use nuts and bolts to connect instead of using clips as used in wire shelving. It is very convenient to use. Also, combo open and closed steel mobile shelving is very flexible to install.