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Nowadays storage cabinets come in different designs, shapes, sizes and materials. They are available in light duty welding and heavy duty welding.

Storage cabinets come with various different types of handles. The most common types of handles that are available in the market are the standard turn and pull handles having built-in key locks, padlock hasp handles and flush mounted handles.

You can select from light, standard or heavy duty cabinets depending upon your storage requirements. There are different sizes available to suit each and every type of office.

The storage cabinets are very flexible in terms of their storage ability. You can accommodate different types of items by using the adjustable shelves that come with the storage cabinets. You can have the shelves made according to your needs and requirements. To help you find things inside the storage cabinet easily, you can have expanded metal inserts or plexiglass in the doors. These types of see through doors are becoming quite common in all the offices.

Storage cabinets come in a number of aesthetic designs that would not only provide you with adequate storage space but also make your office look elegant.

Industrial storage cabinets are usually welded in steel. They are useful in storing large tools and equipments that are heavy. Industrial storage cabinets are available in sizes that can hold up to 1900 pounds on a single shelf. Some storage cabinets also come with wheels on the doors to make access easier.