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Every employee needs some storage space in the office, especially in larger companies. Some companies install office lockers so that the employees get their own personal storage space in the office. Many companies have a work space that is shared. Due to this, employees do not get any privacy. Office lockers are the perfect solution for such situations.

Office lockers are storage lockers that store employees things in the office. Office lockers have reserve space for storing the employee’s belongings. Lockers come in different materials, size and shape. There are three types of locker systems available in the market

•    Single tier standard lockers
•    Double tier standard lockers
•    Box style office lockers

Single tier standard lockers are available in different heights and widths. They have in- built combination locks and have the ability to use individual padlocks.

Double tier office lockers are the same as single tier office lockers. The only difference between them is the locker units. The locker units are short and stacked on the top of each other.

Box style office lockers come with small locker units that provide storage space for each individual.

Office lockers are made of wood, steel and plastic. Industrial lockers are specially designed for offices. Office lockers offer employees a sense of security for their goods, as threat is not just from the fellow workers but also from visitors or customers who visit the office regularly.