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With an ever growing population, space problems are increasing. Be it your home or your office or shop, the goods always seem to overflow. Thus due to growing storage needs, the shelving industry and the companies providing storage solutions have grown considerably in the past few years.

These companies provide a number of storage solutions. Some of the most popular are discussed below:

Mobile shelving
This is a movable shelf unit which is custom built inside your premises. Mobile shelving is a high density storage system and helps in maximising available space. Mobile shelving is generally used for industrial storage, office and archival storage.

Mobile Racking
With the use of mobile racking systems, mobile carriages up to 15m long can handle loads of up to 20 tonnes per carriage, which can be moved with ease. Mobile racking systems are also used for archival storage systems, as it makes accessibility to the stored goods easier while increasing the storage space.

Organised storage via professional help is one of the best ways to use space efficiently.