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Storage systems are extremely important for offices and homes in order to be time efficient and well organised. However, with so many kinds of storage systems available around us, you need to understand the real purpose so that the storage system purchased proves to be of best use.

Especially in offices, the storage system needs to be defined and functional. Static storage is extremely common at offices and homes. However it is mobile storage that is less space consuming and more cost effective. Mobile storage is portable in nature and helps in creating extra space for other storage due to its flexible and portable nature.

Mobile storage systems are also extremely useful for archive storage. Storage systems need to be space-friendly. This means that the storage system should function properly without utilising too much of the space. Stacking and shelving are storage types that provide structure and sense of organisation. This can be done either horizontally or vertically.

Rotary cabinets are storage systems that not only save space but also time. Rotary cabinets are a type of storage system that provides storage to two different workstations. The cabinet swirls at a 360 degree angle which helps in saving time and improving productivity. Time, space and cost are three things to consider for the perfect storage system. If any one the three is neglected then the storage system purchased could be nothing less than a liability.