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Time after time, new types of filing systems keep appearing in the market place, but which is the best? Well, there can be no one answer to this question. In other words, if you make a choice after assessing your needs, just one particular filing system can prove to be the best filing system for you.

The worth of a filing system purely depends on the purpose it needs to serve, sometimes selecting the right one can be a real headache. Hence, let’s have a look at different filing options and their advantages.

Notebook filing is ideal for uncomplicated storage. Horizontal box files do not utilize space to its maximum, hence this is ideal in cases where storage requirements are few and space is more. Horizontal filing system utilises the available space well but may lead to improper storage of documents and retrieval issues, so is better for archive storage where you have little requirement for retrieval.

Frontal suspension system can be a more expensive affair and it is not suitable for archiving. On the other hand, upright lateral suspension can look a bit unorganized as the files lean on each other, and all can easily collapse if one is displaced without taking adequate precaution.