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Locker systems play an important role in the office to protect the files, documents and other valuables.

There are different types of locker systems available. They are:

•    Multi-tier locker systems
•    Single tier locker systems

Multi tier locker systems are made of heavy duty steel and have a sturdy welded body. Multi tier locker systems have powder coated paint finish to complement any interior decoration. Multi tier locker systems can be kept away from dirt and moisture as they have high legs. Each door of the multi tier locker system has plastic number plates.

Single tier locker systems have a top shelf and 3 coat hooks. The doors of single tier locker systems have 3 point locking system and a black recessed handle that accepts the optional padlock feature. Single tier locker systems have louvers on the door for ventilation purpose.

Locker systems have a lot of useful features like:

•    Lockers have number plates on them which enable the users to remember their lockers. They have the perfect height to suit your needs.
•    Locker systems string and durable.
•    They have padlocks on the door
•    Lockers can be stacked upon each other and hence consume very little space

Lockers are ideal for banks, offices, fitness centres, schools and more, where people need space for storing their valuables. Some lockers have very strong security features that prevent any attempts of theft or break-ins.