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At Rackline we have a few interesting ideas that may suit your particular requirement.

The ‘pull out’ map system is designed to allow maps to be stored individually, in a protective covering and hanging vertically, the maps can be removed independently and replaced when needed (picture 1 & 2). This application is idea for maps which cannot/should not be rolled up.

Short maps (picture 3) up to 1200mm long can be stored in ‘pigeon holes’ supported along their length but at 90 degrees to the user, allowing easy reference and maximum capacity.

A more traditional way of storing maps is to use cantilever shelving. This enables long maps to be laid on long horizontal shelves that can be lifted off easily without the hindrance of vertical front supports. The maps are supported along their entire length (shown on picture 4 behind the horizontal map cabinets).

Lastly vertical (picture 5) and horizontal (picture 6) map cabinets can be mounted onto mobile bases to maximise capacity.

If you would like Rackline to design a solution for you, call us now on 01782 770144 or email