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It is very important to have a space for keeping important documents and files. Companies that are unorganised tend to lose a lot of money due to their disorganisation. Hence, filing storage systems act as a tool to track your important files and documents. It also saves you time and money as efficiency of the business is improved.

The two main types of filing storage systems are:

•    Vertical filing systems
•    Lateral filing systems

Vertical filing storage systems are available with two to five drawers. All the important documents and legal sized files can be easily stored in vertical filing storage systems facing the front of the drawers. They are space saving storage systems as they do not take up much floor space.

Lateral storage systems are much wider than standard designs. The files in lateral storage system are stored front to back or side to side. Lateral filing storage systems design is not as deep as the vertical storage systems. Lateral filing storage systems take up less wall space and are versatile for changing storage needs.

You should select a high quality filing storage system for your office. Make sure that it opens and closes smoothly and is able to carry enough weight. There are many safety features in filing storage systems like internal locking devices and counterweights. They are available in different colours and designs to blend in with your office.