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Here at Rackline storage we are always aware of how fragile the world we live in is.  That’s why, through our work, we aim to minimise any harmful effects that our work could have on it.

We work hard to comply with the demands of the ISO 14001. But what you need to know is that we not only comply with the requirements but seek to prevent pollution and limit the impact that Rackline storage has on the environment.

How do we do this, we hear you ask?

Well take our waste recycling and resources management for example.  Our recycling plan means that:

To add to this we take nature conservation seriously.  That is why the waste land area that was purchased with our Rackline storage office have been planted with trees and shrubs to make it more attractive and to attract wildlife.  The local community also benefit as a public footpath runs alongside this.

We are also extremely energy efficient.  All our windows are double glazed with film to reflect heat.  We have automatic taps and energy saving controls on our central heating system.  We also ensure that the last person to leave switches all the lights off!

We encourage our staff to use public transport and all are responsible for taking care of the environment in which they work in.

We felt it was important for our customers and clients to know that we work to go above and beyond to protect the environment that we work and live in.

For further details of how Rackline storage is meeting the demands of environmental care just check out our website.