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Nowadays, rotary filing cabinets are commonly used in most offices, as they help to save a great deal of space. These types of storage systems are uniquely designed in such a way that they can hold more than any other standard cabinets. For instance, an eight-tier letter-size rotary filing cabinet has the capacity to hold the equivalent of three 36-inch lateral file cabinets.

Rotary cabinets have double-sided sections of shelving situated on a rotating base. With the help of this rotating base, you can access both the sides of the section by rotating the shelves up to 180 degrees. These kinds of cabinets are also commonly known as multi-media cabinets, as they can be configured for drawer filing applications. Subsequently, you can also store files, CDs and other things in rotary cabinets.

Some types of rotary cabinets come with positive locking mechanisms. These types can be easily operated with the help of a foot pedal or a handle, which allows you to rotate the shelves inside the cabinets. Once you press the foot pedal, then rotating unit keeps on rotating until you remove your foot from the pedal, in order to stop the unit at the correct position.

Therefore, if you have lack of space in your office and you have to store lot of items, then rotary filing cabinets are one of the best options available for you.