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The office is a place where all work should be done perfectly and there is no scope for error as it can cost the company as a whole. Businesses cannot afford to lose any kind of files or documents and offices tend to stack up large numbers of files and documents. Misplacing them is common place when there is not a proper storage system in the office.

There are many type of storage system available for various storage purposes. Rotary file cabinets are ideal for use in offices. Rotary file cabinets can be spun to get quick access to files from one side. They usually feature double depth design which offers better filing efficiency.

Rotary file cabinets can store any type of files and other products like end-tab files, hanging files, Binders, CDs etc.

Rotary file cabinets have double filing storage capacity as compared to other storage system in competition. Rotary file cabinets are specially made for letter, legal, A4, EDP etc. Rotary file cabinets have a powerful foot pedal that rotates these storage systems and reveal different files in front of you.

Storage capacity of rotary file cabinets is same as 20 lateral files. In addition to this, rotary file cabinets also save your floor space. Rotary file cabinets can be built into alcove, configured back and back again for maximum space utilisation. If you want to make the most out of your office space then you must get a rotary file cabinet.