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Filing cabinets are the best way to solve clutter in offices. A disorganised office seems undesirable and dirty. Filing cabinets help in storing all the office material systematically with their amazing storage capacities. You can store your files, folders, reports, documents etc perfectly without much hassle. Filing cabinets are available in different types and designs. However, when talking about filing cabinets, it is necessary to check for their security features. It is very important to maintain the confidentiality of office data, hence, it is vital to look for safety and protective features while purchasing a cabinet system for the office.

Locks are the first thing to look for in filing cabinets. Generally filing cabinets have pin tumbler locks, either in tubular or standard form. The standard pin tumbler locks have been commonly used in doors and cabinets. Tubular pin locks have small stumpy keys and are widely used in filing cabinets, bike locks and small cupboards.

Almost all filing cabinets are available with locks, but it is vital to check before you make a purchase, as many manufacturers do not provide locks.

Many office filing cabinets feature single locks which either lock one drawer or all the drawers. In a few filing cabinets, just one drawer may be lockable. Hence, you should get all the relevant details from the supplier clarified before you purchase.

Filing cabinets also feature electronic and combination locks with efficient security features. You can also buy a lock system from a retailer and install it in your filing cabinet.

The security of your office data is crucial, hence selecting effective lockings systems is the best way to ensure the safety of your office data.